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Digital Equity and Access in Affordable Housing - Shared screen with speaker view
Clare Rosenberger
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Serenity Wolf
Hello everyone!I did Property Management for about 16yrs and switched to Resident Services 2yrs ago. I'm in an executive position and want to learn as much as I can to be successful, especially in our changing environment currently.
Ambar Velazquez
Hello all! COVID has definitely amplified the digital divide in our work. We’re hoping to find ways to bridge this divide - maintaining engagement across age groups and cultures.
Kimberly Hollard
We are identifying a HUGE technology gap for families in our properties. Trying to explore opportunities to address this issue and what we can do as owners and resident services staff to help bridge the divide.
Blake Miller
We want to include additional questions about technology in our resident assessment in Care Guide. Hoping to get ideas on the best way to get this information from residents and help them get services
Rachel Seiler
In the face of COVID-19 the impact of digital divide amongst our residents and program participants is in even sharper relief- we are looking for ways to garner resources to help our stakeholders get the hardware and internet access they need for connectivity and social inclusion.
Lisa Blackburn
I'm a Resident Service Coordinator in GR, MI, I just want to see what's going on in other communities during COVID-19.
Alexandra Nassau-Brownstone
Yes -- this will be posted along with the recording.
Julia Ervin
What sort of provider programs are there?
Serenity Wolf
Has anyone in very rural areas been able to implement any solutions?
Julia Ervin
From Ryan's last slides, he mentioned different provider programs that are available. I just didn't catch any names of programs
Serenity Wolf
Thank you Jorge
Serenity Wolf
Thank you so much, everyone!
Blake Miller
Thank you!